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Discover La Palma

La Palma, also known as “the beautiful island”, is characterized by incredible landscapes full of contrasts; from thick laurisilva forests, extensive volcanic landscapes, cozy black sand beaches, natural pools with crystal clear waters and skies ideal for stargazing. They will awaken all your senses.

Get to know the island the way you like:

By hiking on our established routes or our special routes for groups.

On your bike with stages for all levels: with guide or by yourself, with GPS rental, on a normal mountain bike or on an E-Bike enjoying the first network of electrical recharging points of the Canary Islands.

Going inside the Earth through one of its innumerable volcanic tubes.

From inside a kayak enjoying the view of the volcanic coast or by boat on a whale and dolphin watching trip.

With a map and compass and special orientation tests for groups.

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