General Data:

• Duration: 5 hours
• Language: English, German and Spanish

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Description of the guided route:

Get to know more about the volcanoes of la Palma. This excursion will take you to the new volcano of the island and to one of its predecessors, the San Juan Volcano from 1949.

We will visit the little village of Las Manchas which in the latest years has experienced how the volcanoes of 1949 and 2021 erupted over its land.

An incredible landscape made by the lava flows but at the same time has taken away the homes of several hundreds of families. On this excursion, will get to see the two sides of the coin of this

We are going to enter the visitor center of Caños de fuego, dedicated to the volcanic cavities mainly, but where we will see never-before-seen images from the new eruption. We will walk 1km
over the lava flows of San Juan on a promenade and will get close to the lava emitted by the 2021 eruption.

Our tour ends at the viewpoint of Las Hoyas where it is possible to observe the lava Delta or Fajanas (local name for the new volcanic land over the sea) formed by those eruptions.

The clients picked up from Los Cancajos and Santa Cruz will also be able to enjoy the San Antonio volcano located in Fuencaliente.

General recomendations:

• Wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear, as well as a jacket and some rain protection if necessary.
• It is also advisable to bring sun protection and a cap or hat.
• Bring some water and some food.
• Never deviate from the marked paths.
• Carry a mobile phone with sufficient battery.
• In case of emergency, call the emergency telephone number in the Canary Islands: 112.

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