Would you like to live an unforgettable experience
in the waters of the Canary Islands?

Ocean Explorer, our partner company, has been a leader in maritime transport on La Palma, for more than 8 years with specialized personnel in the sector and extensive experience.

With their Flipper and Bussard boats, they will make a responsible sighting, since our main concern is to carry out this activity with the least possible impact, always respecting nature.

During the excursion, the main objective is to enjoy, learn and respect the animals. That is why the marine biologists and Ocean Explorer guides will inform about the marine fauna that surrounds us in order to know it better and thus raise awareness and awareness of the importance of conserving nature. As Jacques Cousteau said “people protect what they love, but we only love what we know”.

Choose the excursion that you like the most:


Flipper Excursion

Enjoy this maritime safari of approximately 2 and a half hours of special duration for groups and families, with a swim stop included.

Flipper Excursion – Delfin Safari



Enjoy a 4-hour maritime excursion on our Bussard boat, with a reception as you deserve: with cava, tapas and soft drinks. Includes a swim stop on the way.

Bussard Tour – Romance and Nostalgia

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment